Annie Erotocritou

Annie Erotocritou has graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts, having attended painting workshops with Demetris My taras and Panayiotis Tetsis.

She has set up one of the first art workshops for children in Limassol, through which she has organized creative workshops, conferences and exhibitions on child art. She has also participated in events in Cyprus and Italy.

In 2004, Erotocritou attended printmaking workshops in Urbino, Italy. She has also participated in group exhibitions in Cyprus and Greece, and in printmaking exhibitions in Norway, Italy and Greece. She was invited to work in plein-airs organized in Cyprus; also in the Cavafeia, in Alexandria, Egypt, through the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts.

In 2016 she presented her first solo exhibition at “Morfi” gallery, Limassol, showing printmaking art pieces and ceramic installations. She lives in Limassol.



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