Nikolas Antoniou

Born in Larnaca in 1988, Nikolas Antoniou is a graduate of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Western Macedonia, Greece (2012).

Nikolas has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including Time - Memory – Oblivion at the Aianis Archaeological Museum, Sixth Student Biennale of Fine Arts at the exhibition hall of the Athens Metro at Syntagma Station, and Eumorfos Anthropos – a group exhibition in Technohoros Gallery, Athens. In 2012, Nikolas successfully exhibited this work again at Gallery Lola Nikolaou in Thessaloniki and has subsequently returned to Cyprus where he continues to participate in group exhibitions, collaborating with a number of galleries.

Nikolas’ first solo exhibition, Sanitizing Logic, showcased at Polychoros Warehouses in Larnaca in 2013 before transferring to Gallery Technohoros in Athens, under the title Sanitizing Logic 2.

Recently, Nikolas returned to Gallery Technohoros to present his new work, For the Purposes of Imperfection. He has also recently collaborated with Alpha C.K. Gallery in Nicosia to present his fifth solo exhibition, The Preservation of the Creative Process.

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